Why Australia Day Doodle #Googledoodle Became Special for Australians?

Australia Day Doodle #Googledoodle

Australians celebrated their National day on 26th January 2020 but the year’s day was more important to Australians and everyone else in the world for good reasons. It became special to the Australians because of the unfortunate circumstances that indigenous people in the country during the year, especially the devastating bush fires. During the last year’s celebration, Google recognised the hard time and the Australia’s day Google doodle #googledoodle was different from the previous ones. The 26 January Google Doodle displayed a sheer picture that the world is together with Australia during the tough times. The main mark of Google doodle Australia day 2022 is the naming. Google named this Smart Suite Fulfilment.

The celebration of the Australian Day has skyrocketed over the last few years and many territories have begun to celebrate since the Google doodle on January 26, 2022. The reason why 26th January is an anniversary in Australia is that it marks the arrival of the first fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson.

The significance of the Google doodle family has evolved over time. The makers of Google Doodles come up every year with hundreds of illustrations and animations on the Google Home Page and some for specific countries. They usually mark the Global observations such as Google doodle Valentine’s Day 2020 and lantern festival Google doodle. The last year’s Australian day Google Doodle drew praise from millions of internet users in Australia and internationally. Some people were tweeting their support for Google doodle recognition of the sufferings that indigenous people in Australia faced since 1788.

Symbol of Recognition

The special Google doodle ‘’Stolen Dreamtime’’ was a creation by Ineka, Voigt, a student in Canberra High school. The kid told CNN that she just wanted to recognize the tragedies of the past and not just their achievements. The maker said that he wanted the Doodle to be an item of reconciliation.

The designer equally said that she has been receiving congratulatory messages and messages of support from thousands of people around the world. This special design was a top performer from more than 26,000 entries that were submitted to Google Australia’s Doodle 4 Google competition. The theme was, ‘’If I could go back in time I would…’’ to answer the theme, Voigt said that she would unite mother and child.

One similar creation that wowed the world was else Lasker Schuler’s google doodle. It was displayed on February 07, 2020, to remember one of the greatest German Writer Else Lasker Schuler. Even after her death in 1945, she left behind a huge body of work that makes a serious impact as a writer. In 2014, Google displayed a Rainbow-Themed Doodle for the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Russia mainly because the Russian Government has been strongly criticized for its anti-LGBT stand.

The 2020 Australia day doodle #googledoodle was different because it highlighted all the tough instances the Australians faced especially the damaging Bush Fire where most of the indigenous people lost their lives.

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