How To Make An Intro For YouTube?

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A lot of people are making YouTube videos to reach their target audiences. Create a YouTube intro rightfully to make your first impression count. Opt for a short and exclusive video. Well, this can earn you the assured engagement of your viewers!

Remember, A YouTube intro helps your channel to grow. Don’t forget that your intro is the first thing your viewer sees.

Your audience who comes to view your YouTube videos might not be aware of the awesome content of your channel. With an original intro, you can generate curiosity in them.

Today, a YouTube intro has become very vital for brand recognition. This explains why many businesses ensure to have a stunning YouTube channel. In addition, they keep their audience informed with business updates and tips.

Video intro is very powerful in introducing your brand to your audiences.

Make a suitable video intro containing wonderful music. Your viewers will find an instant connection with the content.

People do not come to watch a documentary movie in your YouTube videos. Instead, they prefer to have some light-hearted fun watching the videos. So add a fun element to the video intro. It will compel them to watch your video until the end. An attractive intro can be made easy with some pre made templates to use in any video editing platform. A lot of folks prefer free intro video templates from online editing websites.

Why do you need a video intro in the first place?

There is a reason behind having the intro. Viewers tend to open a YouTube video, glance at it for a couple of seconds and skip it. This is where you can keep them glued to watch the entire video with an intelligent video intro.

Whenever the intro is short and crispy, viewers tend not to skip it. They hardly mind watching such a small part of your video. This leads to more views and better engagement. Ensure not to make the intro too long.

Also known as ‘video bumpers’ or ‘YouTube title sequence’, intros boost in catching viewers’ attention, reinforcing your brand. The presence of your logo in the intro videos enables them to remember your brand.

A captivating video intro helps draw your viewers’ attention straight away and sets the mood for your YouTube channel. But, of course, the best way to do so is to include a relatable or memorable catchy line.

What duration works brilliantly for an intro video?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules in this regard. It is better to keep it short. Ideally, anything less than 10 seconds is perfect. A shorter duration will keep your viewer hooked to the video.

Similarly, anything more than 20 seconds may not be helpful. Keep these aspects in mind to keep your viewers glued. But, again, this is a reasonable duration to showcase your brand.

What are the essential aspects of a YouTube video intro?

Align your ideas with a particular set of considerations. This includes video length, animated text, branding, music, quality, and storytelling. When these elements are carried on perfectly, it helps you set up your brand accurately.

Emphasize personalized branding

Ensure your viewers are immediately able to recognize your brand while scrolling on different social media platforms or YouTube. This approach leads to excellent branding.

GIve adequate importance to branding elements such as fonts, signature colours, logo, tagline, and brand name. Then, infuse these elements to build your brand with superb content. In modern times, branding is no longer restricted to mere visuals. On the contrary, these visuals reflect the meaning, making your brand more relatable.

Follow these simple steps to create an intro video

Step-1: Select a type of intro you wish to have

Remember – what and how to say in the video matters the most. You can begin by saying, “Hello guys, I’m (Your Name). I am sure all of you are doing well. Today, I am going to talk about (the topic).” You can subsequently adopt a unique style as you get familiar.

Step2: Choose a template

Step-3: Add your images

Step-4: Insert your text

Give preference to adding animated text. It adds great energy to an otherwise dull-looking and static introduction. It also serves as the most feasible way to build your channel’s identity. GIve a high-hearted look to the animated text onto your YouTube intro.

Always prefer a simple title animation to kick off your video content, If you wish to go for the animated intro, keep it fresh by matching the theme of animation with the topic of the video. You can make the best use of your graphic skills or hire a graphic designer to obtain an animated text.

Step-5: Personalize your animation

Make your YouTube intro video very appealing with the inclusion of animation. You can include your colours, fonts, text, images, and animation. Give an animated appearance to your logo as well.

Step-6: Make adjustments to the intro

You can adjust the intro depending on the duration you want it to be. However, please keep it to anything lesser than 10 seconds. If you are using templates, ensure to make slight adjustments to aspects such as text. This will aid you to reflect your channel properly.

Step-7: Add some music

Irrespective of the kind of animation you opt for, make sure to accompany a piece of suitable music. The viewers find it very interesting and engaging. It helps to prevent boredom and keeps them entertained too!

Having background music or a catchy signature jingle can do the trick for you. Choose one alternative to match the feel of your intro. Viewers relate a brand’s channel to a specific sound or song present in the intro video. There is no wrong and right music you can use in the intro video. Of course, ensure the music you choose is non-copyrighted.

Step-8: Choose the appropriate style

Step-9: Combine it with your video

Step-10: With the help of the template, you can add the intro video to your channel from a list of available video options. The template option works brilliantly as it permits you to use your creative freedom and come out with your desired video content.

Step-11: Upload to YouTube

This is the easiest way to make an intro for your YouTube Videos. All you need to do is follow the instructions given above.

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