7 Ideas For Bombarded Entertainment For Next Corporate Meet

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We have all had it happen to us. You are invited to the annual corporate meeting for your respective business to discuss annual goals and earnings for the company. While you are happy that your company is doing great, it is not particularly interesting to hear about it for hours on end. Then there is the dreaded socializing before and after the meeting. It is just all one big boring and awkward mess. If you are the boss that has to organize a said meeting, it can be just as nerve-racking.

Well, have no fear! Today we are going to give you 7 ways to liven up your annual corporate meeting. This is for employees and bosses alike so all can benefit from these tips. Nobody said your annual meeting can’t come to life, and the following tips will make sure of it.

1. Enhanced Entertainment

It probably sounds unorthodox, but maybe an entertainer is just what your annual meeting needs. Of course, the entertainer has to be workplace friendly, but it can be the best way to put your employees in a relaxed mood. If you are in the area, you can opt out to hire professionals for the perfect meeting entertainment, for example, mobile entertainers, that may upgrade the entertainment and hike the overall vibe.

Entertainment should be something offering various performances that allows you to look at a list of entertainers such as magicians, musicians, circus performers, and more to figure out which one would be best for your company. Even if this business is not close to you, a quick internet search can find the best entertainer for your meeting needs.

2. Have The Meeting In An Unusual Location

The main problem with the annual business meeting may be that the location puts everyone on edge. If a meeting is held somewhere such as the boss’s office or the large corporate room, it may make you and your co-workers intimidated. If you are an employee it may be a good idea to suggest to your boss to have the meeting somewhere unique.

A fun way to spice things up as a boss is to get suggestion ideas from the employees and have them vote, or put them in a hat and pick one to have the annual corporate meeting. Studies done by major companies show that these types of meetings are more productive, which in turn means more money and raises to be made!

3. Have An Icebreaker

One of the oldest but overlooked ways to liven up any corporate meeting is for you to have an icebreaker. It may sound cliche, but icebreakers are a simple but effective way to release the tension in the room. No, you don’t have to have a boring cliche icebreakers such as a name tag but it should be something fun to lighten up the mood.

One suggestion for your meeting could be writing all of the favorites of a topic, such as a movie and putting them in a hat. Each person has to pick out of the hat and read the answer out loud and everyone can guess who that person may be. You may learn something about employees that you may have never known otherwise.

4. Change The Format Of The Meeting

The employees can be the most dedicated of all time. But if they are forced to hear hours of lectures even the best employee can quickly zone out. Changing the way the meeting is formatted can make sure your employees get the point more accurately. A boss reading this may be thinking ‘Hey, how can I do this?’ Don’t worry, we have found a format that seems to work best for meetings.

The best ways to maximize meeting points is to have each speaker talk to the employees in groups. This allows for more questions to be asked and that everyone will have an equal chance to hear each point of the meeting.

5. Have Some Music

While it may sound counterintuitive, music can put anyone in a good mood. While it doesn’t have to be anything over the top, research suggests that music can help make people more productive. If you are looking for something unordinary. One can suggest hiring a marching band to play some popular songs before and after the meeting to spice things up.

6. Include Social Media

It may be frowned upon by ‘traditionalist’, but the use of social media could really help a meeting be more productive. Using something like a Twitter hashtag for the meeting to give opinions rather than having a traditional Q and A session.

7. Make Sure The Food Is Interesting Too

Having the same ole same ole when it comes to food at a meeting could make employees bored and uninterested in the presentation at hand. Try using something unique and different for catering for your next corporate meeting. You never know, it may be the next office hit!

We hope these tips can make your next corporate meeting more fun and enjoyable the next time around. Who knows, you may have the office eagerly waiting for the next one!

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