Aluminet Use in Reducing Greenhouse Temperatures

greenhouse temperatures

Greenhouses are set specifically to offer controlled climate for plants. To control the temperate and at the same time facilitate the whole construction can be time and money consuming. In this case, the main feature of greenhouse is temperatures. What this means is that if you can be able to control temperatures with ease, then you can end up minimizing maintenance costs. Though, you also have to make sure that the plants are shielded from wind, snow, the rain and several other extreme weather conditions.

One thing am sure you already know is that using ventilations and the walls can be easy during the summer but extremely difficult during the winter. What if there’s a material that can handle all of this without having to spend a fortune? Today that is there and we call it Aluminet.

What is Aluminet?

This is not something that almost everybody is used to but it’s simply a screen. It is highly reflective and is often used on greenhouse thermal screens. Today it has as well got another use as an effective alternative to black shade cloth. During the initial steps of making Aluminet screens, they are treated specifically to reduce chances of other issues including oxidation and to protect the habitats from several other conditions.

Why is it perfect for greenhouses?

The old methods of controlling greenhouse temperatures are now getting expensive and ineffective. This is what lead to the invention of Aluminet because of the below reasons:

  • It can protect against frost radiation damages
  • It repels pests
  • It moderates Day and night temperatures
  • It is also very easy to install.
  • They are light weight
  • Highly elastic which makes it very easy to install
  • Cheap and a highly effective alternative to old methods.

What is the best Aluminet in the market?

This technology is growing fast and hence there market is getting flocked by different makes. This means you have over 10 options in the market and hence if you don’t have some information, then you may end up making a wrong decision.

When you are in the market looking for the best Aluminet, then you have to start by getting the best Aluminet specialist. Today there are very many Aluminet specialists in the market but you can try StoneShade Tarp Aluminet.

Why Aluminet for greenhouse?

If you are a farmer and you have tried all the existing methods of controlling temperatures in the greenhouse, then you can agree with me that most of the traditional methods are very expensive and they are also less effective. Yes, am sure you already know that and that’s why you should try Aluminet. In additional to the benefits I stated above, here are additional reasons why you should opt for Aluminet.

It reduced heat load in the greenhouse

The reality is that Aluminet are very reflective. What this means is that the radiation is reflected away from the net. At the time when the greenhouse should be cooled, it provides some conducive temperatures. They can as well be handled the right way especially when your fans and the ventilations are not providing proper temperatures regulations.

They work as thermal blankets

I bet you already know that warm objects are cooler when they give off long wave. During the night, the warm earth cools and at the same time gives off infrared radiation which is later lost into the space especially on clear nights. When the sky is not very clear, then some of it is reflected back by the clouds. This is the same process that takes place in the greenhouse. As the plants are losing the radiation, Aluminet reflects that back to the plants when the need arise which maintains warmer temperatures. This is what helps the plants to grow fast and the right way by reducing condensation on the leaf. The net is open and hence enough air will be getting in and so there’s no need to worry.

More diffused light in the plant canopy

Here is another reason why you should try this. As a matter of fact, Aluminet will absorb the rays of the light that are coming from wrong angles. What this means is that it allows more diffused light on the canopy especially during periods that there’s low light. Diffused light has some benefits including high yield and balancing.

What types of Aluminet that are available?

For the longest time, people only knew one type of Aluminet. However, today there are several other types that you can go for. However, there are no big differences but there are some visible changes in the knit pattern. Some of them are knitted in a certain pattern to make sure they can endure strong winds and also be more durable. There’s an ‘’I’’ design and a ‘’O’’ design. Most of the people when this was started were only using the ‘’I’’ designs but today majority of them have switched to ‘’O’’ designs. Now I know you can be wondering which is the best for you. All of them work perfectly but there are some groups that are fit to use one over the other.

Consider the ‘’I’’ designs if?

  • You are one of those people that don’t like a lot of stitches
  • If you need tape and brass grommet border in your greenhouse
  • If you want easy applications
  • You have a good connection with the pattern i.e. if you really love the pattern.

Prefer the ‘’O’’ designs if you:

  • You are one of the people that don’t mind considerable stretch
  • Needs to stretch it further to fasten it
  • Do not require any tape or brass grommets.

There are some of the nets that are very best for dense shading especially for crops that requisite such environments. Now you have all the information that you needed about Aluminet and have learnt its applicability on greenhouse. Nobody said that Aluminet are only used on greenhouses, they can as well be used on poultry, cattle and fish breading places.

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